About Us

TAITMA was Registered with the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra -
Under CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION No.19122 1976-77 on 9th July 1976.

Mrs. Munira F. Chinoy
Shri Gulu M. Jhangiani
Shri Hiro G. Jhangiani
Shri Madhukar M. Kapadia
Shri Vijay Madhukar Kapadia
Shri Ram Kumar Kapur
Shri Chandroo M. Makhijani
Shri Gobind Hotchand Sippy.


THE ALL INDIA TOY MANUFACTURERS' ASSOCIATION (TAITMA) is the apex body of the toy industry representing members from all over the country. Looking into the interest of the toy fraternity since1976, with the prime object of upgrading the toy industry in India, in a systematic and scientific manner and to exploit its export potential to earn valuable foreign exchange for the country.

The toy industry in India has tremendous potential to raise its productivity, create employment and for all around development of the economy. The industry also presents vast potential for export of toys, dolls, games and playthings. However, the toy industry has not received adequate attention for its development.

The production units of the toy industry (which are mainly in the small scale sector), range from very small units right upto modern factories and these units are spread in all parts of the country, coming under the Ministry of MSME. The Indian toy industry is poised for a rapid growth in the years to come if proper encouragement and assistance is given.



  • Help up gradation of the toy industry for increasing production, quality and safety of Toys, conforming to International Standards.
  • Build positive relationships within the Toy fraternity, better interaction between manufacturers and traders.
  • Represent challenges & opportunity of the industry to the Government and create a working partnership between, Government and industry.
  • Hold fairs/exhibitions in different parts of the country to bridge the gap between buyers & sellers and make awareness about modern marketing technology & methods.
  • Make Consumers aware of the importance of toys in a child's growing up process, and selection of, age appropriate and safe toys.



  • TAITMA is an All India Toy Manufacturer's Association representing the toy industry throughout the country. It has played a significant role in the overall development of the toy industry. The membership of the Association has grown rapidly in the recent years.
  • TAITMA keeps in constant touch with other Government bodies also, such as the Development Commissioner of MSME, Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI), The National Council of Educational Research and Training, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade and The National Productivity Council for Toy Development and Assistance.
  • TAITMA works closely with the Sports Goods Export Promotion Council (SGEPC), the council representing toy exports.
  • TAITMA has also established close rapport with organizations like All India Plastic Manufacturers Association, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Indian Merchants Chamber and Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



  • TAITMA keeps the industry informed of all useful information including latest developments in the World toy industry through circulars, leaflets and its bi-monthly official publication "News Letter".
  • TAITMA constantly represents to the Government on all problems faced by the toy industry to seek relief. The elected members of the Association meet periodically and review the progress and take necessary action.
  • TAITMA organizes annual "Toy Exhibitions" program representing all categories of toys and coordinating the participation of the industry on All India level. This has built up a meaningful and purposeful relationship between manufacturers and consumers resulting in toy awareness.
  • TAITMA has initiated annual Toy Awards and Merit Certificates which are presented to manufacturers of different categories of toys. This has resulted in toy creation and awareness of quality and development amongst the manufactures.
  • TAITMA is liaising with the MSME of the Ministry of Industry Government of India, private institutes like National Institute of Design & IITetc in their projects for a Toy Design and Development Centre. This relationship with the institutes greatly benefit Indian toy manufacturers as the main function of the institutes are to provide technical assistance as well as new designs to Indian manufacturers.
  • TAITMA is monitoring safety standards for toys with Bureau Indian standards to raise the quality standard of toys to make them safe for the consumer.


Future Programmes and actions Envisaged

TAITMA has chalked out the following line of action for achieving the desired results and attaining all-around growth of the toy industry.

  • To make concentrated efforts to bring all toy manufacturers under one common platform of TAITMA. This will strengthen the Association in carrying out its development efforts.
  • To make strong representations to the Government of India to consider including the toy industry in the list of Priority Industries under the "Make in India" program.in view of its large export potential and the toy industry's vital role in laying a strong foundation to foster the growth and development of child's imagination and education.
  • To propagate a code of ethics amongst the manufacturers against plagiarizing others ideas and products.
  • To seek financial assistance and subsides from available funding Government Institutions solely for the growth and development of the toy industry.
  • To prepare a directory on the toy industry covering all relevant Government notifications, specifications, trade practices, all relevant statistics, names and addresses of toy manufacturers, traders etc. This will be very useful to all concerned as they get all information of the toy industry at one place.
  • To strongly represent to Central and State Governments with a justified plea for removal/reduction of Sales Tax, Octroi, Excise and Customs levies.
  • To educate and convince the manufacturers for application of safety standards formulated by Indian Standards Institution to raise the quality of the products. This will result in enhancing the marketability of toys both in the Indian markets as well as Export markets.
  • To make strong representations to the Ministry of Commerce for justification of export incentives.
  • To continue working with The National Productivity Council ( NPC) to improve quality and productivity in the toy sector.
  • To organize Export Delegations to foreign countries explore the export market for Indian toys.
  • To encourage participation in toy fairs abroad and in India.
  • Creating a Toy Day, to create awareness amongst all the stakeholders of the importance and role of toys in a child's developmental process.